petek, 15. maj 2015

Oldtimer sailing event in Piran

During Internautica boat show, which was held at Marina Portoroz, I stopped with works for a few days. I exhibited Cassiopeia and promoted the project to publics.

After this event the working days continue. Latest news in the next blog.
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And the most exciting news! I was joining "old- timer sailing regatta in Piran" as a crew member of Roberta. No need to tell how beautiful this sailing boat is, just see the photo. Living a dream!!


Roberta III, over 100 years old
sailing boat 
Sandokan on the right-
May sister Lara, age 16, helming Sandokan!
Bravo Lara, najmlajša krmarka na regati. 


Greetings from Piran - old timer sailing regatta 2015

For the first time joining this regatta when I was 14 with my Sschkrgha.
Prvič na regati starih bark v Piranu kot najmlajši udeleženec s svojo jadrnico pri 14 ih.
Schkrgha je sedaj naprodaj.

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