ponedeljek, 04. maj 2015

Cassiopeia building process, 2nd stage

 I put around 2000 hours of my spare time and I am halfway through the works. The boat hull is almost ready, another 2000 work hours are needed. I have enough will and courage to finish the boat but my main problem is funding . Therefore I’ve decided to promote my project at Indigogo.com. I believe this is the right way to collect finances to finish the works. 

I have to buy teak wood for the deck, install the  motor and 2 masts, paint the boat and buy on-board equipment.        
I look forward to all the challenges in front of me and I can't wait for the day to sail away and discover new horizons.
I hope that my story will inspire peers and push them into action. I am convinced that it is worth following your deepest desires.

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