ponedeljek, 23. marec 2015

Working in dust

This spring I have some huge works to do and lots of finance to collect. But before I come there I needed to do some other works. Polishing and staying in dust for hours. That isn't some exiting news. Oh, but I have one nice memory to share. I joined the regatta  for "Slovenia Maritime Day". The wind was strong and it was quite an adventure. There were many crews resigning. In the evening special ceremony was held with guest keynote speaker, European Commissioner Violeta Bulc, who promised to visit Cassiopeia.

 Escape from work - Slovenia Maritime day regatta
 Dusty days - polishing inside of Cassiopeia...

sreda, 11. marec 2015


There are some people that are helping me at work. Especially my family members and my mentor Ivica who spend many volunteer hours instructing me. His knowledge and experiences are very special and hard to find these days.
I've put around 2000 working hours in the past 1,5 year into Cassiopeia besides high school, sport's sailing and other activities. And I'm very thankful to all the people that helped me realizing my dreams. There's still lots of work to do and I have a very strong will and determination.

nedelja, 01. marec 2015

Repairing the tent after the winter chills

I hope that the winter is over. We had some strong wind in February over 100km/h.

It damaged two walls of my tent. And so my dad and me changed them. 

It took us two days of sewing.

The nice part is that I could take a picture of the entire boat.

Finally we are working again! The temperature is high enough for glewing.

Next challenge - production of masts

I had to perform 2 months of school practice and I decided to produce  wooden masts for Cassiopeia as the main task. The challenge was qu...