sreda, 18. februar 2015

The vision and the financial plan (with a little help of my parents)

If you want your (boat) dream come true, write down you project! Something like this:


From an innovative idea  to the realisation of a wooden boat  Cassiopeia

·         construction of the unique wooden boat
·         cooperation of different parties involved in the project: students, masters, pedagogues, artists,..
·         development of technical skills and creativity of young people
·         promotion of maritime education
·         promotion and preservation of maritime cultural traditions
·         preservation of skills for the construction of wooden barques
·         active tourism – a live story you can help to create
·         contact with nature – energy of the sea, wind, natural materials
·         multiplicative activity and creativity
Construction location: Marina Portorož
Duration: 2 – 3 years, beginning in June 2013
Cost estimate of the project: approx. 25,000 €
Boat name Cassiopeia, wooden schooner, 8 m long, 2 masts, wood iroko, oak, mahogany

Phase 1
·         provision of appropriate construction location
·         purchase of wood and tools
·         preparation of stencils; batten handling
·         making of boat keel
·         making and placing of boat ribs
Phase 2
·         construction of deck with a cabin
·         making of reinforcements; making of motor and anchor holders
·         making of planking; WEST system – two layers of planking; 1st layer iroko horizontally; 2nd layer mahogany diagonally

Phase 3
·         abrasion
·         completion of deck jobs
·         mast erection

Phase 4
·         equipment assembly
·         abrasion and painting
·         making of sails

It is clear that the project that I wrote first wasn't so detailed. As the time passed by the vision became clearer and it was necessary to write down all the details. Now I have something to show. Something usefull for my future. One of the most important support came from my family and the great part of the organization and logistics were realized with the help of my mom Judita and my dad David. Before any action we discussed every detail but we made some bad mistakes because of lack of boatbuilding experience. It was inevitable.
It's a kind of puzzle. You have all the pieces on the table, and you need to make order with that mass. And as the picture is becoming real you get filled with motivation, adrenaline, strenght ... Yeah!

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