torek, 17. februar 2015


It was a suffered decision to disassemble all the ribs, to throw away all the time we spent to build model the waterlines of Cassiopeia. But we didn't have another option then to move into the new tent and to follow the instructions of the only one who had an idea how to continue the work. 

I re-started rib by rib and with the help of Ivica and my father the boat was growing again. When you are creating something out of wood you have a feeling that nothing can stop you.

I remember that at the start of this adventure my plan was very simple: the boat will be finished in 2 years!

It's interesting to look at the people who are coming to visit me and Cassiopeia. They are always full of advices, sometimes they are jelous but most of them just admire the wooden creature in silence. They think I'm an expert, but this is my first boat...

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