sreda, 11. februar 2015

I was enthusiastic from the beginning. The Family is always supporting me and my deram is comming true.
Two years ago I helped a friend to fix two big wooden masts on his schooner and a guy called Andrej was so impressed that a 16 boy was prepared to help without asking, that he promised that he would draw me a project of a 7.5m wooden sailing boat. And .... I was very happy.
My Idea was to build a Westsystem wooden boat. And I started without any knowledge.
We did some mistakes at the beginning, but with God's help we solved almost all the problems.

Mistake nr. 1
I didn't know where to find oak wood. Our friend Blaž had 1m3 of iroko and we took it. It would be better not to hurry that much and find some other kind of wood. :( Iroko bends with difficulty, and it breaks frequently. But it also have a lot of good caracteristics. One of them is: water resistant. :)

So I saw 700 strips on a spetial machine in Žiri (by Lesko d.o.o.). Blaž was very kind to borrow it. In 1 day i walked arond 5 km from one side of the machine to the other ..... After 1 day the wood was ready to be transported.

  (Blaž from Lesko doo - he made a 3m bowsprit for our family ketch! On a CNC machine = Mamazing)

(our family ketch Sandokan)

Another miracle that happned: the Marina Portorož sponsored me the place inside the Marina to build my boat. THANK YOU!

Everything was very clear in my mind. I took a look to some boat building movies on you tube... adn I was ready to do it. The problem was that nobody in the neigbourhood knew almost nothing about westsystem epoxy glueing. After some advices os local experts I was confused :((

Finally an old  shipwright (Ivica) came to me as a teacher and he is still helping me with his advices and skills.

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