sobota, 16. september 2017

Back again

Dear friends!

I'd like to announce that my beautiful Cassiopeia has been almost finished. I'm twenty now and I've invested around 6000 hours of work into this project.

First, I have to apologize to those who followed my blog since I've stopped writing it for a while.
I was quite ill last year and I had other challenges to deal with, but as soon as I got better I continue the building process. I'm stronger than ever and ready to put my beauty into the sea very soon.

Yes, I managed to install the new engine 😊, constructed the interior, put teak on the deck and finished a lot of details, everything handmade.
Today I'd like to share some latest photos with you and thank to all my friends who are helping me  at works. 

Can you imagine that yesterday I was buying the interior lights and the stove?

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